The Silver Lining–Pure Gold

What if there is NOTHING WRONG with anyone? Could it be that every perceived flaw, failure, weakness, or limitation points toward our highest gifts and qualities? What if every hangup we have is the very energy of our life’s purpose trying to express itself?

I was privileged to gain this insight from the wise Gary Acevedo a week ago that completely turned upside-down my view of other people and myself. Although he expressed it so much better, I feel compelled to share it.

If you take some time to reflect on every upset you’ve had in your life, you will recognize some common threads woven throughout each. This just may be the key to recognizing your message in this life, your gift to the world, your mission. Every victory and defeat you experience will revolve around your message. Have you ever noticed how little difference there is between your successes and “failures?” It all comes down to mere perspective and whether or not our expectations were met.

Take any negative or limiting label we give ourselves and others and try to see it in a new way. Can you see how the noble energy of the person’s life message may have been turned inward or somehow warped by the circumstances of life?

– A depressed person may have shut down inside because they’ve thrown out the old meanings in life and the new meanings just haven’t shown up yet.

– A shy person may possess incredible clarity and insight, but may be hesitant to let that be seen.

– An overweight person may be wanting more from life and just hasn’t found it in the right place yet.

– An anxious person may possess great power to accomplish, but fears have shut down their ability to access this power.

– An emotionally sensitive person may be keenly perceptive and sensitive to other people and their feelings, but without opportunities to safely express this, it has turned in on themselves and become magnified.

– A critical or demanding person may hold to higher standards than anyone else and may be the best equipped to optimize processes.

– One who harbors self-doubt may hold the greatest insight to their true self but have been caught in emotional “black holes.”

– Those with abandonment issues may be the very ones who will never leave you.

– Those who think they’re stupid may be the most brilliant in the room.

– Those who think they’re unloved may be the most lovable in room.

Are you willing to look beyond the limitations of people’s personalities, successes, and failures to see the higher self shining through? With this higher vision, can you discern the message and purpose underlying every person’s choices? It is all there, waiting on a silver platter, if we only open our eyes and see.