About Mentoring

Mentor: A person you trust who defines what to pay attention to, how things work, what things mean, how to take action and how things might turn out.

Mentoring: Accelerating the accomplishments of those that aspire and seek specific knowledge, experience, and action steps that will create their perfect end result.

The word “mentor” is derived from mentos, a noun meaning “intent, purpose, spirit, passion.” The first usage of “Mentor” in literature was Homer’s Odyssey. When Odysseus left for his voyage of several years, he designated a wise teacher named Mentor to look after his cherished son Telemachus in his absence. Basically, a mentor is a trusted guide and friend. I hope that you can see me as a friend and also that you trust me to be your guide. I will work very hard to earn these designations.

Mentoring is an inward journey where you discover your purpose, purify your intentions, and utilize your passions to accelerate you toward the results you’d like to see. It provides a unique and valuable relationship that is rare and unlikely to arise organically among our relationships with family and friends. The mentor assists the mentee in working through his or her challenges and toward attaining life goals. Competent mentors can identify the patterns that are preventing you from moving forward and will provide you with tools to change those patterns and thus become more effective.

This is the most common question I get when I tell people about mentoring: “Is it like life coaching?” The short answer: Yes, mostly. It really comes down to symantics. While both of these roles involve providing guidance and advice, the difference is that a mentor doesn’t tell you what to do, but helps you find the answers in yourself, provides guidance in setting appropriate goals, and keeps you accountable for following through and taking action. YOU are the one who knows what is best for you. I’m there to motivate you to move forward and to offer some suggestions and tools you can try that have brought results into my own life. I will never require you to do anything you don’t want to do. You always have the option to decline, or to tweak the tools or advice I give you so that it works best for you. The choice is always yours.

What does a mentoring appointment typically look like?

  • We meet face-to-face, whether in person in a quiet public location, or over the Internet.
  • I will usually ask you to fill out a feedback form so I know where you’re at.
  • We’ll review your progress since the previous meeting, both your accomplishments and setbacks.
  • I will ask questions to clarify where you want to be, and we will discuss possible ways to get there.
  • I will train you on a tool that will help you be more effective in moving toward your goal. We will review the training and check for understanding.
  • We will outline together some specific action steps for you to complete before the next meeting, and decide on a way for you to report your progress to me in the meantime.
  • We set up the follow-up appointment.

What potential results can you expect to see as a result of investing in a mentor?

  • Greater personal effectiveness
  • More motivation and increased desire to create and build things
  • Reduced stress and/or anxiety
  • Strengthened personal relationships
  • Increased energy and improved physical health
  • A strengthened connection with your higher power
  • A healthier self-concept
  • More compassion for others
  • … And many, many more!

Yes, mentoring requires you to invest some time, money, and energy up front. It’s human nature to resist change. But I challenge you to try it. The payoff can be huge! Instead of wasting your time, which is your most precious resource, in trial and error, which can leave you feeling frustrated and hopeless, invest in my mentoring program and become empowered and effective instead!

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