Avoid Overwhelm–Manage the Moment of Choice

I’ve heard so many people say they’re overwhelmed right now. Do you know what “overwhelm” really is? It’s simply an **inability to manage the moment of choice.**

When you have a lot to do in a short period of time, how do you handle it?
– Do you shut down because you don’t know where to start or what’s most important?
– Do you try to do several things at once and end up doing nothing very effectively?
– Do you rush around busily, but plague yourself with guilt over what you are avoiding doing or can’t get to?
– Do you spend all your time and mental energy planning what you’re going to do rather than actually doing it?
– Do you take no time to relax, refresh, and renew your energy, so that you’re dead in the water when you barely even start?

There are so many manifestations of overwhelm, but one solution to get out of it. CHOOSE what you’re going to do in each moment, and do that intentionally, until it’s time to do something different. You’ll be amazed how much you can accomplish this way!
– If you have chosen to cook or clean your home, decide what exactly you will accomplish and for how long, and completely focus on that. Don’t think about everything else you COULD be doing with that time.
– If it’s right to nurture your relationships with family/friends, really be there and be present with them. If you choose to multitask on this, (IE involving the kids in making neighbor gifts) be intentional on what result you desire (bonding with the kids, expressing your creativity, or getting the gifts done). Trying for more than one result usually causes frustration.
– If you need to plan, realize that planning is DOING something, but when you’re done planning, STOP. Write it down. Don’t keep ruminating on and adjusting the plan when it’s time to take a different action.
– Take intentional time for rest and relaxation. (If you tend to overindulge this way, set a limit. Ex: just one TV show or just 30 minutes on Facebook.) No guilt during this time! It’s an investment in your energy level, if you’re really present and not thinking about all the other things you’re not doing.

What will you do TODAY to manage the moment of choice and avoid overwhelm?

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