Taking Stock of 2016

It’s New Year’s Eve, and 2016 has officially wrapped up. Last January I posted the following 15 of my goals for the year. It’s helpful to take stock of previous goals before diving into new ones, so here goes. I totally completed 7 or 8 of my goals, so half of them! It makes me feel really good to look at what I’ve accomplished and how I’m improving. Of the remaining 7 or 8, I got about half of those half the time, and a few I barely did anything with at all. But I’m not beating myself up about the ones I didn’t get, because that would make me want to give up on goal-setting altogether, which would be the only actual failure. Instead, I’m looking into how I can recommit to and/or tweak the ones I struggled with to have more success in those areas next year.


  • I am craving healthy, nutritious foods, only indulging in treats/desserts once a month.
  • I am achieving my ideal weight of 120 pounds by July 1.
  • I am exercising for at least 20 minutes daily. (yoga, P90X3, walk/jog)

I’m feeling really good about my health right now. I’ve gotten into a solid habit of going to the gym every school day and finding other ways to exercise on the weekends, and usually work out for way longer than the minimum 20 minutes! Also, I’m actually below my weight goal by now, even below my most recent pre-pregnancy weight. The interesting thing was that the first time I saw 120 on the scale was on the day of July 1! (even if it was actually 120.9!) 😉 As far as treats and desserts go, I did great the first half of the year, but have slipped back into old snacking habits. I’m recommitting to this important goal for next year. Sugar cravings steal my energy, and I feel so much healthier and better without sweets. I won’t alter the once a month timing because that’s just long enough to lose the cravings, but not feel deprived.


  • I am spending an hour of quality one-on-one time with each child once a week.
  • I am having 20 minutes of quality time with my husband every night.
  • I am planning the next week’s meals every Saturday.
  • I am involving my children in family history and journaling every Sunday.
  • I am traveling to Destin, Florida with my husband and/or children in September.

My husband, baby and I went to Florida, in August actually. We wish we’d taken the whole family, but could get free flights on only 2 seats. Still, I’m so glad we made it happen because our friends who live in a beach house in Destin will be moving away next year. Another success has been quality time with my husband. Not every night, but it’s a lot more consistent than before. Quality time with my children has been hit and miss. I’m going to focus on making this into a habit by doing it at the same time each day, and letting my kids remind me. Tweaking it to just 30 mins. each day, alternating kids, feels more doable, even though it’s pretty much the same thing. I have not been planning meals very regularly, but since I do okay winging it, I’m not keeping this goal. Family history and journaling are important, but every Sunday seems like a lot, so I never actually did it. I think I’ll focus on this with the kids just on the first Sunday of each month. If I feel like I can realistically be successful, I’m more likely to follow through.


  • I am holding a mentoring appointment every week by Dec. 1.
  • I am posting to my blog at least 3 times each month.
  • I am spending at least 2 hours a week in training or study.

I’ve been spending a lot more than 2 hours a week in training or study, which has been awesome! I love to learn and can’t get enough. As far as blogging, it’s been really hard to sit at the computer for long enough stretches of time to hold a coherent train of thought, with a clingy baby constantly wanting to be held and who barely naps at all. I had a couple months where I posted to this blog 3 times, but usually it was just once or twice. I’m tweaking this goal to twice a month. And though I wasn’t mentoring every week by the first of Dec., I got this goal by the middle of the month! Now I’m tweaking next year’s goal to be, “I am regularly working with at least 3 clients at any given time,” because the number of appointments in a week isn’t important, but the lives I’m able to influence. I get back way more energy than I put in to mentoring, and it benefits all other areas of my life. I’m so grateful to be able to pursue my passion and add value to other people’s lives.

Personal habits:

  • I am meditating every morning for 180 days straight.
  • I am using empowerment tools every morning and evening (vision board, declarations, goals review, etc.)
  • I am writing in my journal every evening.
  • I am reading scriptures every morning and memorizing one scripture every week.

All of these personal habits have been hit and miss. When I wake up early, I’m able to get most of them in, but I haven’t been very self-disciplined in this. Now that the baby is sleeping through the night consistently, I’m left without excuse, so I’m committing to a morning “power hour” as well as an evening routine. In past years, having these habits in place has made my days go so much smoother. I’m excited to invest these important periods of time in myself each day and see my personal power go way up.

How did you do on your goals this past year? I’d love to hear any success stories with goals you may have!