Today Really IS My Lucky Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Wishing you lots of the “Luck o’ the Irish.” Although I don’t believe in luck, per se, I do believe in karma, and you’ll soon see why.

We’ve never gotten too much into the Irish part of St. Patrick’s Day. But because it’s my little boy’s birthday, March 17th has been special for our little family these past four years. (It helps that green is his very favorite color!)

Ever since I was a little girl, we’ve had a tradition of letting the birthday child choose ANY cereal in the store for their “birthday cereal.” (A big deal, coming from a family that values healthy eating and frugality.) This morning we had green pancakes because I had forgotten to have him pick out his cereal, but we went to Smith’s later this morning to get it. He promptly selected a box of “Lucky Charmers,” and while I was there I picked up a lot of other items from their sale this week.

Since the boys were hungry after a long morning playing at the playground and story-time at the library, we ate some corn-dogs, during which time my son kept asking me to sing the “Corn Dogs” song from Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band over and over. I complied a couple times, then we resumed shopping. My younger son, whom we call Toad, kept whining and crying, and when I turned to look at him, he was swaying in the seat of the cart, his eyes rolling back in his head. So I held him and tried to get him to lay his head on my shoulder, while pushing the cart and checking my phone for digital coupons and keeping track of the birthday boy, whom we call Buddy.

In the checkout line, I was in for a pleasant surprise! The store manager approached me and said I had been chosen for a random act of kindness, which they are doing every day right now. He paid for all my $50 worth of groceries! Buddy and Toad were excited when they were also given balloons and suckers. All the while, Buddy excitedly chattered away about his birthday. Even little Toad chimed in, saying “Pizza Pie Cafe!” (which is where we’re having dinner tonight, at Buddy’s request, due to the fact that they have all-you-can-eat chocolate pizza!)

Basically, my very-routine experience today turned into a unique one of gratitude and joy. I don’t know why I was chosen to receive the random act of kindness (probably out of pity since I had my hands full, quite literally)! I don’t believe in coincidences, so it was for a reason, even if I don’t see it now. But being on the receiving end makes me want to give more to others and be more aware of opportunities to make their lives a little brighter.

Have you heard of this Give and Receive Cycle? It’s amazing how it works; as long as we keep the wheel turning, we will experience abundance. I’ve noticed that most people are great givers, but they often get hung up on the “Receiving” side. If we don’t receive willingly and graciously, we won’t have anything to then give. Also, we need to receive because it’s part of someone else’s “giving” side of their own cycle, which will then allow them to go on to receive in the future. I know that this is a true principle. Not only have I experienced this phenomenon every day of my life, but I’ve heard many, many stories from others illustrating its veracity.

I haven’t always been the most willing giver. When I was putting my husband through college on a first-year teacher’s salary, it was tough. We didn’t think we had the funds even for Christmas gifts for each other that year. When I told my mom about the situation, she shared an object lesson that has stayed with me ever since.

When you refuse to share even what little you have what you have with others, it’s like you’re holding on to it with a closed fist. A closed fist isn’t capable of receiving anything new that may come your way. A hand that is open from having just given, is still open to then receive. (This is very similar to my post about the Silver Platter principle.) Thanks, Mom, for sharing that with me and changing my perspective so drastically.

I’m gratified to see my “lucky” experience today in the light of the Give and Receive Cycle. My receiving of a material blessing has prompted me to give this information here today, which I’m sure will add abundance to the lives of some of you readers out there. I really feel that there’s someone out there who needs this message. If any of you have had experiences with the Give and Receive cycle, please share it in the comments. I love to see evidence of this principle in action!

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